The Ogs have been quiet for a while.  I think they needed to hibernate and recuperate from all their exposure last year.  They were in danger of becoming victims of their own success!  They always hoped they would stand out and be counted and be known for what they were capable of but what they didn’t realise is it would be exhausting and would need managing.   They will learn from this as they have so much work to do this year and they intend to do it all!

I can feel them stirring.  They have started by remembering what they have achieved so far:


1. They brought families together.

2. They introduced us to the new Og Moose and the Og Santa.

3. They developed the much loved “Og Pigs in Blankets”.

4. They left their Og stories in Iceland in October 2017. They thought that the Icelandic Elves would be interested to hear about them

5. They brought CARERS- the kindest of people together and helped them share thoughts feelings and ideas.

6. They brought locals together to turn pre-loved fabrics in to beautiful bags and accessories at The Heritage Coast Centre, Southerndown.


7. The Ogs did what they do best:  They Released THE OG in the children attending The Coastal Community Arts Craft Festival 2017!

8. They released a new range of bespoke Og accessories available at Crafts by the sea Craft Shop, Ogmore by Sea, Vale of Glamorgan.

9. New Og Mermaids were revealed in the Summer.

10. The Ogs started their beautiful new range of Peg Loom Rugs using old jumpers, sheets and anything that could be cut up and made in to a ball of wool for weaving.

11. The Ogs were called upon to make bespoke gifts for special friends.  The Bespoke Og collection grew: The Ogs do Winter sports!

12. The Ogs got recognised and awarded on three occasions this year: First prize at the Machen Show; Second prize at the Vale Show:

And Finally, The Ogs are in a SAGE Academic Publication.  They have a chapter all of their own.  Well done Ogs!!

13. The Ogs spread the Og Word as far as Bangladesh whilst sharing Og stories among Visiting post-graduate students/practitioners at the University of South Wales.

14. The Ogs had so much Fun in Ysgol y Ddraig they are going back this year to evaluate and develop the educational impact they can have with children.

WELL DONE OGS this is just a

selection of your achievements this year.  Some of your work is overflowing in to 2018 already.  Next Blog will include the Bridgend Community OG Look-up project and will also begin to tell the new Og story that is currently bubbling away inside! lots of warmth and love, The  Ogs xxx




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