Birds on Strike!

Birds on Strike! Blog post by Francine Davies Art

Birds on Strike!

Birds on Strike!


The Ogs overslept because the Dawn chorus didn’t happen!


Ogs oversleeping. No dawn chorus today. artwork by World of Ogs

No dawn chorus to wake up the Ogs!


The Robins, blackbirds and thrushes who normally start the day did not sing.  The wood pigeons, wrens and warblers did not follow on from the dawn chorus as usual. The blue tits, sparrows and finches did not carry on singing once it was light.


The Ogs are disorientated, out of sorts.   They are missing the melodic, calming, joyful sound of the birds.  They feel tense, stressed and are struggling to focus on the situation.  They are only hearing the harsher sounds of the world around them.


The hedgerows are silent.  The Ogs called out to the birds but got no response.  They walked to the rock where they normally listen to the Oystercatchers, turnstones, Sandpipers and Seagulls arguing over food.  Only silence greeted them.


Something was seriously wrong.  Where are all the birds?  Then on the horizon they saw them.  A huge flock marching towards them in silence carrying big signs that said:




The Ogs had seen this coming.  They knew how worried their feathered friends had become.  It all stemmed from that dreadful winter two years ago when birds seemed to have just dropped out of the sky on to the common frozen by the conditions that had confused their migratory behaviour.  Those poor birds were meant to have migrated to warmer climates  but the warmer conditions here confused them.  Birds rely on nature’s signs but nature’s ecosystems are being altered by the climate crisis we are facing.


The Ogs stood still as the birds approached solemnly.  A little Robin hopped forward with a scroll of paper in his beak.  He dropped it by the Ogs feet and fluttered back to the flock.


The Ogs unrolled the scroll and this is what it said:

FROM: Birds,

The Trees & hedgerows,

The Common,

Ogmore by Sea.

Vale of Glamorgan.


FAO: The Ogs,

The Willow Tipi,

The Beach,

Ogmore by Sea.

Vale of Glamorgan.



Dear Ogs,

We are frightened.  We are under threat and we don’t think anybody cares.   We have heard on the wind vortex from our friends all over the world that there are food shortages and enormous loss of habitats and they are interrupting our natural cyclesPrecious ecosystems are breaking down and we can’t just ‘perch by’ and watch it happen. So BIRDS ARE ON STRIKE!


We are on strike because we need the world to listen!  We haven’t decided how long we will strike.  We are at a loss as to know what to do.  We thought that people understood the situation because recently they have been giving us so much attention.  We assumed they were listening to us through lockdown.  We made so much noise.  We saw people watching us, feeding us, smiling at us, talking about us, painting us, photographing us and we really believed that they heard us and understood what we were saying.


Now lockdown is over we realise they couldn’t hear us and we think they are planning to return to their old life.  That old life had less time for us.  That old life pollutes those same environments that through lockdown have supported us all.  The great outdoors became the most precious place to be.  We really thought our voices had been heard.  For the last year we have sung harder, we have shone brighter and we have flourished.   But we are worried it is all starting to change again.


We need more people to acknowledge our important role in their lives.  They need to know that Birds are essential to the world ecosystem.  Our role directly impacts on human health, culture, economy, food production and the survival of millions of other species. Our birdsong has the power to reset a person’s ears and helps them hear properly.   Our unique melodic arrangements are powerfully enhancing the lives of people in hospitals, schools, business, and more recently helped everyone during the lockdowns.


People’s lives are enhanced by birdsong.  We want you to realise we are not just here for entertainment!  We perform to the highest standard some fundamental roles.  We need people to do more than just feed us and notice us.  We need them to help protect us.  If we all join together and tackle the problems that have given rise to the climate crisis, we won’t need them to feed us as our environment can support all of us if we respect and work with it rather than against it.


We hope people will make even more changes to their lives to support tackling climate change.  We are making these demands because we want everyone to make demands too.


Together let’s demand a new model for living.  Economies thrive on DEMAND and SUPPLY.  So let’s demand a model that has at its heart sustainable practices that support all species!


Demand no plastic.

Demand renewable energy

Demand sustainable travel

Demand ethical, sustainable products and food.

Demand degrowth and support a sustainable economy and industries.

Demand recyclable products and re-purpose and re-use.


If we all demand these things businesses will supply them!


Listen to the environment demanding our attention.   Birds are just one specie on strike.  Imagine what would happen if other species went on strike.   Birds talk to trees all the time and they are not happy.  It could be them next!


We hope people will miss our birdsong!  We are making a point!


You will hear from us again soon.  We just haven’t decided quite when !

But when you next hear us we hope we don’t just reset your hearing but help reset your hearts too xx

Feathery hugs,


Your local bird community REPRESENTATIVES  (on behalf of birds everywhere).


Birds on Strike!:, World of Ogs

Save our Planet!


The Ogs looked up at the huge flock of silent birds with their solemn faces.  The Ogs said “Birds,  we are on it and thank you for trusting us with your plight.  We won’t let you down”.  The Ogs turned and headed back to camp.  They had a lot of work to do.



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