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Creative Workspaces

Creative Workspaces


#Creative Workspaces


These #days the most creative space i can envisage is up in the sky watching the #Starling #murmurations entertain our #eyes. According to #Autumn roosts begin to form in #November although sometimes can be begin as early as #September.

What a joyful sight it is to witness to the #birds swoop and swarm above us. A spectacular performance that stops us in our strides. Makes you wish you could fly!

The Starling on closer inspection is quite a striking bird with its metallic colours and pointed beak make it quite foreboding and haunting in appearance. I am reminded of more #Gothic style imagery when i look at the starling in flight almost #predatory in appearance.

This is quite a misleading appearance since as a flock they are so playful and entertaining. They are quite eclectic feeders not exactly predatory but eating #insects, #seeds and #fruits.

Unlike the #magpie with a reputation for stealing the Starling is known not only for the murmurations but also for mimicking sounds that they hear. This makes me love them for their comedic charm.

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