Creative Workspaces

Creative Workspaces


I have discovered a new creative workspace…….. The bloomin #car!!! I drove through #Cardiff today meeting the needs of my lovely children as they satisfy and develop their own self expression and identity (one through her drama groups, the other via her commitment to #sustainable shopping among the various awesome #charity and #vintage #shops in Cardiff), and as we cut through #Riverside (under the guidance of my 14 year old who has a fantastic sense of direction unlike me!) low and behold the cars came to a standstill.

Living along the #coast we are well used to being ground to a halt by #sheep but here in the middle of a #city it was the #Swans who had achieved it. My #heart just filled up with #joy as we watched an enormous Swan strut across the crossing- Yes the Swan had the sense to cross in the right place hahaha. It got about half way across before deciding to stop and check on the others behind before looking to those in front and continuing on it’s way.

The cars in front waited but I was out the car with my #phone thinking this is awesome! I approached the crossing gently and took some photos and the #smiles on everyone’s faces were lovely. It was actually quite a miserable, cold wet morning but our spirits had once again been lifted by #Nature.

Furthermore, another fine example of how wonderful it can be when Nature stops us in our tracks. We rush around trying to get from A to B on time and sometimes we just need to stop and witness the wonderful little moments that are happening everywhere. I always used to get so stressed being stuck behind a slow doddery driver ambling along the #coastline. Now I have come to value they are in actual fact enjoying the moment unlike so many of us who tense up and stress that we are going to be late. Last week I practiced being gentle! Well this week I will mostly be being slow!

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