Developmental Thursdays!

Developmental Thursdays!




Ok #Ferns you win! The Ferns are still startlingly #beautiful in every #colour! How sickening is that. Can you wear every colour or do some colours suit you best and make you feel good? Well meet the Ferns they can wear any colour, any #tone and #tint! I genuinely think they are a #beautiful #plant at whatever stage they are at.

On so many levels I am #jealous. Not every colour works for me. Not every stage of the year works for me! Not every stage of the life suits me hahah. The ageing process is cruel! But not for the Boomin Ferns. Even when they bedraggled and have died right back they are so interesting to look at and immediately show signs of new growth which is a stunning bright almost florescent #green!

I wish to grow old like a Fern! Perhaps we do and I haven’t noticed or explored the #metaphor enough. I suppose our eyes can still shine beautifully when we are all wrinkly and we can remain interesting at different stages of the life cycle. In fact some photographers capture the beauty of aging. Check out @leejeffries

That’s ok then! I will use Ferns as my role model!

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