Early Swim

Early Swim


Up at 5.30am and in the sea by 6.30am.  Only the birds and fishermen were out. It was misty and still.  What a difference a few hours makes to the sounds that greet us on our walks.

The Seagulls were quiet just swooping around me.  The only real noise came from the sea itself.   That wonderful sound of energy passing through water.

As I swam it occurred to me just how noisy it is above water.  When I ducked in to waves a beautiful, still, silence greets me.  Whilst my mind and body thrive off the environment above water as it energises and stimulates my thoughts, I found the quietness below water very mindful today.

As I ducked under each time I started to appreciate more why my body feels healed by the Sea 🌊.  My arms, legs and torso are held softly in a beautiful silence.  Our busy, bodies rarely experience moments like this.   As we move about our every day lives we subject our bodies to many external pressures, vibrations and impacts.

The caress of the sea this morning renewed my entire being.  The quietness of the beach so early seemed to offer a deeper awareness of what water is offering me when I am immersed in it.

Nature’s rhythms are the very best ❤

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