“Everyone Wants to be Remembered” – A Story from the Og Diaries

“Everyone Wants to be Remembered” – A Story from the Og Diaries

‘Everyone wants to be remembered’

by Francine Davies © 2012

The Ogs are a registered trademark No. 2622780

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Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Mammoth the Og

Mammoth thought he was the first up on this fine morning until he saw Howie in the distance staring at something with a worried look on his face.  “Oh dear” thought Mammoth “I wonder what is worrying Howie today?” So off he went beyond the settlement to see him.

Howie often hovered at the edge of the Og settlement because he liked to watch the ‘Funny Folk’.  Howie had on one occasion confided in Mammoth and told him that he was very shy and wouldn’t know what to say to the Funny Folk if he ever got the chance to talk to them.  None of the other Ogs realised he was shy because Howie was always joking and seemed so laid back.

Howie didn’t see himself as the other Ogs saw him.  He always kept quiet during discussions because he worried he might say something silly so instead he always cracked jokes to cover up his nervousness. Howie liked making people laugh. Mammoth noticed that when Howie was around, all the other Ogs were much more relaxed.  To build up Howie’s confidence Mammoth would remind him of as many of his good points as he could. This always worked.

Mammoth would say things like “Howie, you are good at being ‘Howie’ and you are very good at being an Og”.

When they had run out of good things to say Mammoth would then ask “Howie, I want you to think about how you would like to hear others describe you.  What would you like them to say?” Howie loved this bit.

“Well that’s easy” he would reply “I want them to say that I am the coolest Og in history with an amazing dress sense!”   So that is how he spends most of his time simply, practicing being ‘Howie’.  Some days are easier than others but his confidence was definitely growing.

Open your  OG DIARIES- let us take a moment to think about this! 

  • Think of something that you are good at. More than one thing if possible. Write it in your diary nice and clear.
  • Think of how you would like to hear other Funny Folk describe you!

Thank you for doing that- we will come back to that later.

Mammoth had reached the spot where Howie was sat and called to him.

Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Howie The Ogs

“Yow! What’s going down then Howie?”  (Mammoth always liked to try and sound cool and hip when it was just Howie and him.)

“Wow! Mammoth dude you just rocked my world right over, creeping up on me like that!”

“I’m sorry Howie. I was just wondering what had caught your attention?  You’ve been staring over there for ages”.

“I’ve been trying to work out what these marks mean.  There are some on the blue container over there and some on this seat” said Howie.

Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Howie shows Mammoth the Marks

“Show me.  My eye sight isn’t as good as it used to be”.  They edged a little closer and Mammoth saw what looked like writing carved in to a seat.


Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Howie discovers more Marks

“Ahhh!  This …. Howie, is a form of tribal marking.  Funny Folk have been doing this sort of mark making for a long time.   It’s a way of communicating.”

“That’s fantastic Mammoth!  If I can work out what the Funny Folk are trying to say perhaps I can communicate back to them!” exclaimed Howie excitedly.

“Hmmm” thought Mammoth.  “I can remember the first tribal markings that I ever saw.  They were in a cave thousands of years ago.  I can remember looking up from where I had landed and imagine my surprise when I witnessed a magnificent display of drawings and marks.  They had been made by ‘Early Funny Folk’.  You won’t believe what modern Funny Folk call those early Funny Folk?

“Urmmhhh.   ‘Even Funnier Folk’? ” laughed Howie.

“ No.  Very good though.  They call them Cave men.”

“Wow! No way!”

“Oh yes way!  You will often hear of Cave Men drawings.  They are very important.  They help us understand how the Funny Folk have changed over time.  They also show us how they used to work with the environment and what it meant to them.  I can tell you now, it was a lot different to today.  …… Cave Men had to make everything from the environment.  Tools, clothes and shelter were made from rocks, plants and bones of the animals that they shared it with.  My word they were creative in those days- a very sustainable way of life.  There was no waste and everything was biodegradable.  It’s only when bones and drawings have been sheltered from the harshness of time that we learn about these early Funny Folk.”

“Wow Mammoth so you’re saying that these carvings are very old and made by Cave Men?”

“Oh no Howie, not these ones! These markings have been made by modern day Funny Folk.   I was just explaining that Funny folk have been leaving marks like this to let others know that they exist for thousands of years. Over time the number of Funny Folk walking the land has grown and grown.  In fact it has exploded!”

“What, you mean like hundreds and hundreds of Ogs everywhere?”

“More than hundreds Howie.  This Earth is inhabited by numbers that go right off the Og radar.  They are known as populations. However, just because there are more of them than us does not mean they are more important than us or that we are more important than them.  But it links back to these markings that you have found Howie.  It is about valuing ‘others’ and that is something that us Ogs are very good at.

“I don’t understand” said Howie.

“Let me try and explain. Hmmm… Over thousands of years these populations of Funny Folk have had to use their environment to get their needs met.  If you had wings Howie you could fly up in the sky and look down at the surface of the earth and you would see this.

Where there was once just grassland, rock, sand and water, now there are concrete buildings, modern and old, roads and tracks all showing us how different tribes of Funny Folk have attempted to use the environment to meet their needs.  Once upon a time, folk only travelled as far as they could walk.  Now they travel as far as their money and machinery can take them and they don’t just stick to the ground.  You’ve seen the marks in the sky Howie as the large metal containers carry Folk from place to place.”

“Yeah man I’ve seen them but how does that explain these marks here?”

“Well you have all these different populations trying to work together and organise themselves.  What do we Ogs find annoying when we try to organise ourselves Howie?”

“Urm… arhh Eleanor bossing us around is very annoying!  It makes us all go a bit mad!”

Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Graham the Og bouncing Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Syvie the Og and Grannie Annie Og bouncing


 DISCUSSION- Think of times when you are trying to organise a group of friends?

“Well it is no different for the tribes of Funny Folk in the past and present.  Lots of fighting and battles.  Different tribes not happy with what they had, not liking being told what they were allowed to do, think or say or believe.  Some tribes think they are better than others and want to be superior.  But also key to all these disagreements was an ongoing fear of things that were different or unknown.

DISCUSSION- How do you feel when you are faced with a new challenge?- something unknown. Sometimes we don’t have confidence because things are unknown.

Mammoth continued… “Well Funny Folk have a long history of feeling happiest when they feel safe.  Over time I have seen the Funny folk make themselves safe by building big stone constructions like castles, palaces and houses.  Also they will surround themselves with other similar Folk who share their ideas and fears.  This pattern can be seen all over the earth’s surface.  What’s more it means the environment is thoroughly marked by these tensions as each of these tribes has tried to communicate and tell the world how important they are”.

“But what has this got to do with the carvings here and the writing over there Mammoth?” sighed Howie.

“I’m getting to that now Howie, be patient.”

Mammoth continued “Funny Folk today don’t use their environment in the same way as earlier Funny Folk did.  Modern Funny Folk see the environment as something that is just there… it’s just …. something they take for granted.  They don’t see it as something that feeds them or as something that provides them with the tools to build and make things to survive because modern funny folk just have to go to a shop or look on a computer to get the things they think they need to survive.”

“The only problem is that Folk have now started to believe that they need so much to survive but rather than make it most funny folk buy everything.  Howie, this assignment has released us in to a very different world to that of the Cave Folk.  The main focus of modern funny folk is earning money to survive.  Money is used to buy food, clothes, houses and so much more.  Not everyone can have all the things they want.  They may not have got the money or they may have lost sight of what they need to survive.  Do you remember me saying that the no. of folk had exploded?”

“yes, yes I do” answered Howie

“Well it’s making life very hard for modern folk.

“But how could Funny Folk need more than this?”  Howie was pointing to their settlement on the beach and the litter and debris that was scattered all over it.  “ We have a really cool settlement and we’re having lots of fun here collecting all these amazing things and re-purposing them.  Look at these cool trousers Graham and Sylvie designed for me out of the material they found!”

“Oh Howie,  I agree but this is the stuff that the Funny Folk don’t care about.  This is what they call ‘rubbish’.  The Funny Folk look in books and at large flashing screens, watching images of other Funny Folk who keep repeating the same things over and over again.  They are telling the Funny Folk what they must have to be acceptable.  It’s really hard for folk to know who they are or what they want.  They don’t often know who or where to look to for advice.  There are so many images being shown to them about what to look like, what to wear what to do and what to think.  It must be really hard to keep up and also hard for folk to stand out as an individual” explained Mammoth.

“But that’s crazy dude!” exclaimed Howie

“It is but it’s understandable.  Let’s think back Howie.  When you don’t have what you want how do you feel?” asked Mammoth.

“What? You’re asking me? Said Howie. –and I am asking you!!


 DISCUSSION- How do you feel when you don’t have what you want or when someone else has something and you can’t have it?


“Yes Howie. I am asking you.  Do you remember when you said you didn’t have any confidence? asked Mammoth.

“Well kind of, yes.  But confidence isn’t a ‘thing’ you can’t see it Mammoth!  It was invisible.”

“Ahh but most things that we don’t have are imagined.  You can’t touch what’s in your imagination but it still feels real in our head and feels like something is missing because we don’t have it.  You may never have had this ‘something’ but it is only when you notice ‘it’ is not there that you consider it to be ‘something’ you don’t have” explained Mammoth.

“Wow man this is deep.”  Howie sat there just nodding his head wisely.

“”You definitely thought you needed ‘something’ to be a better Og, Howie.  You thought if you had that ‘something’ then you would be interesting enough to talk with the Funny Folk didn’t you?”

“Yeah that’s right. I wanted to talk to the Funny Folk as an equal and I wanted them to think I was interesting. It’s really weird though Mammoth cos all I discovered was that I like who I am.  All I do now is practice being ‘me’ ” explained Howie

“That’s it Howie, the Funny Folk who made these marks are no different.  They too want to work out who they are.  They also want to communicate to us and other Funny Folk and let us know who they are and what they think.  Unless they get some feedback good or bad they probably feel like they don’t exist.

This is a very important bit of Tribal writing.  It may not be the best way for Funny Folk to express themselves because it upsets a lot of the other Funny Folk who see it as threatening and disrespectful.  But unfortunately, it is “a” way of communicating and possibly the only way they had of telling others that they EXIST and they want to be remembered by leaving their mark.  Mammoth stepped down just as Grannie Annie and Eleanor arrived.

“Hello Mammoth, hello Howie” they both said excitedly.

“We wanted to let you know Mammoth that we are off exploring down the other end of the beach. No one else seems to be up so we thought we would let you know.  Oh what’s that you have there Howie?” asked Eleanor looking up.

“Dudes these are really important tribal markings.  Over thousands of years folk have used markings like these to tell others that they exist” said Howie knowledgeably.

“That’s right Ladies.  I have just been explaining their significance.  I could do with a walk myself do you mind if I tag along behind ladies?” he asked.

“Of course not” said Eleanor cheerfully “but I’m going to be keeping up with Grannie Annie today, so take your time don’t rush with those little legs of yours.  Do you know I’m sure there’s a word for that sort of writing”  said Eleanor.

“Yes!” called Grannie Annie “I think it’s called Graffiti.  In fact the white ones that are all similar I am sure they are called ‘tags’ Mammoth?” she added.

“Graffiti!” exclaimed Howie.  “I’ve heard of graffiti before.  That’s the stuff you said that the Funny Folk in the flashing cars come and look at.  Didn’t you say folk get in to trouble for doing that.  Mammoth why didn’t you say that’s what it was?”

“Ahh but then you would have pre-judged it like everyone else does Howie.  Sometimes it is important to look behind the act and try to understand why something exists.  And the word that you were looking for is “arrested”.  Yes the Folk that do these marks will get arrested if they get caught.  The good thing is though, I have heard about special projects that work with these folk and encourage them to express themselves like this but in places that other Funny Folk do not find so offensive.  Now that’s what I call progress” said Mammoth as he turned to follow the ladies.

Howie watched them go and thought to himself what a wise old dude that Mammoth is.  He could hear the ladies talking hurriedly as they got further and further away.  The last words he heard were from Grannie Annie ..

“Follow me everyone.  I know where there is more of that Graffiti……….”

Eleanor was trying to keep up with her.  Mammoth, as advised was just wandering along slowly.  He knew he would reach them eventually.

All of a sudden Eleanor noticed Grannie Annie had disappeared out of view.  When Eleanor eventually reached her she shrieked with fear.

Francine Davies and The Ogs: Eleanor looking at Grannie Annie

“Ahhhhhhh!!!! Grannie Annie what are you doing up there?  Please be careful” she cried .

Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Grannie Annie showing Eleanor the Fossils

“I’m quite safe Eleanor but come and have a look at these” and she helped Eleanor climb up some of the rocks.

Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Grannie Annie helps Eleanor climb the rocks to see the fossils

“Look at these markings, they are everywhere.  Just wait till Mammoth sees these.  He will be very impressed” said Grannie Annie proudly.

“What do you think they are trying to say Grannie? Asked Eleanor.

Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Grannie Annie and Eleanor chat about the fossils

“Mmm.. its’s difficult to know really but judging by the number of them everywhere they obviously don’t think they are being listened to because they keep on saying it again and again” said Grannie pointing to all the marks.

“I think what we are witnessing here are a couple of ‘Tags’.  A Tag, Eleanor, is like a label.  Like these ones on us (she points to the Og label attached to their fabric).  These tell everyone that we are Ogs.  These Tags on the rocks are labels telling us who has left these marks”.

“Oh Grannie you are so clever.  How do you know these things?” asked Eleanor.

“I don’t know really but I’ll check with mammoth if his little legs ever get him here” she replied.

Mammoth finally arrived.

“Mammoth we have found more examples of Graffiti Tags and can you please explain to Eleanor what they are telling us?” garbled Grannie.

“Oh let me get my stuffing back in order Grannie I am quite ‘Ogged out’.” Mammoth sat himself down and breathed out in exhaustion.


Francine Davies Art and The Ogs: Mammoth arrives to see the fossils and chats with Grannie and Annie and Eleanor

“Well yes in a way you are quite right Grannie they are like Tags and the way that they are scattered all over the rock face it does look like a bad case of Graffiti but they are in fact Fossils.  However, they share another similarity to a Graffiti Tag.  These too, are an important reminder of ‘Others’ who existed a long time ago.  They are like the Cave Men drawings I described to Howie.  They tell us about what the environment was like here in the past and what other species were around at the time these rocks were formed and also what may have happened to these rocks over time.  You are both very clever to have noticed the similarities”.

“So are you saying there were only two or three different specie here when this rock was formed Mammoth” asked Eleanor.

“No not necessarily because whilst these ones have been saved like this as fossils others for all sorts of reasons may not have survived.  Absolutely fascinating don’t you think ladies? I was talking earlier to Howie about something similar.  Not everything is visible to the eye. Some marks and expressions of how funny folk and others live may be invisible but still important to the overall picture.  Everything and everyone plays an important part.

“Oh yes Mammoth!  These are wonderful marks to leave and they have lasted for so long” said Eleanor.

“I wonder what mark we will leave behind Mammoth? Will we last as long as these fossils do you think?” said Grannie Annie thoughtfully.

“Well I believe that if we can encourage Funny Folk to take more time to enjoy what they already have and have help them to care about their environment and the ‘others’ they share it with then our mark will be as permanent as these fossils.  Now ladies I need to head back to camp.  See you later” and he was gone.

Grannie Annie and Eleanor sat quietly reflecting on what Mammoth had said.  The sun had broken through and just as Eleanor was about to say something to Grannie she heard the sound of her snoring gently.  Well it had been a busy morning after all.  Eleanor lay back and closed her eyes and within moments she too, was dozing gently.

The End


  • Were there any bits of the story you liked a lot? What do you think Mammoth is telling us?
  • Let us go back to your Og Diaries.
  • Can you add any new words to explain how you would like to be remembered by those that meet you?
  • Tap in to your imagination and think about people that inspire you and people that you would like to be like and why?
  • Remember You can be whatever you want to be. You just have to practice!

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