The Purple Sand Piper

The Purple Sand Piper

The Purple SandPiper

The Purple Sandpiper by Francine Davies Art, Acrylic Ink Sketches

Today I met a new Bird thanks to fellow morning walkers who unlike me know what they are looking at when they see it! I am so grateful to knowledgeable folk who offer me a moment to help me see new things that I may have missed.

I have seen time and time again how important it is to sit and watch the world go by. Along the coastline there are numerous opportunities to do so but unless we actually take time to stop and look it all passes us in a blur. The more we look the more we see.

I wholeheartedly believe the only way forward is for everyone to engage more and more with the Nature that surrounds them. If we don’t notice it we how can we truly understand what we are all campaigning to protect. Until we notice it we don’t fully acknowledge how hugely beneficial it is to us every second of every day. We rely on it for everything, every second of the day nature is playing a role in our lives.

We are all engaged in the weather for example, and everyone can connect with the different sentiments and feelings that weather creates for us. How about taking it up a gear and finding the wildlife that is closer to you than you realise. How many Birds come in to your garden every day? Do any birds come in your garden? What tiny insects and minibeasts visit the home?

Have you taken time to study the beautiful cobwebs that our vast arachnid population create. There is some amazingly beautiful things out there. Even if you are scared of  Spiders we can still appreciate the beauty of the colours and the delicate nature of their web. Our Well-being is lifted by the stimulation of our #senses. A bit of #adrenaline is sometimes helpful to get us going!

Today it was the Purple Sand Piper who broadened my wellbeing with it’s lovely yellow legs!!

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