The Beauty is in the Balance


The Beauty is in the Balance


Often a painting is expressing so much more than we realise. The harmony in this paintings is a perfect example of learning how to balance all the truths that a view presents. There are so many perspectives in this simple scene and knowing they are there is one thing but as an artist balancing them is another. A painting like this offers the viewer the chance to see why the world is more beautiful when we respect individual perspectives and strive to create balance out of the conflicting perspectives arising from different points of view occurring from different moments in time.


50cm x 70cm
Acrylic on Canvas


This painting will have a limited edition Print Run of 250
Paintings can be printed to bespoke sizes. If you would like to discuss a specific size please get in touch directly:

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50cm x70cm Unmounted Paper Print £145 + £12 P&P, 50cm x 70cm Canvas Print ££225 +£18 P&P, 50xm x70cm Black Framed Canvas £265+ £18 P&P, 50cm x 70cm White framed canvas £265 + £18 P&P, 50cm x 70cm Grey Framed Canvas £265 + £18 P&P, 50cm x 70cm Natural Framed canvas £265 + £18 P&P, Original Artwork £895 + £18 P&P

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