The Contemporary Welsh Art Exhibition, London

The Contemporary Welsh Art Exhibition, London

Celebrating the beautiful #Welsh #Landscape through #ART!

This weekend has been so uplifting, inspiring and exciting and even nurturing! The #LondonWelshCentre is a particularly powerful example of #CommunityDevelopment working to foster relationships with people and using shared #Culture and #Geography to connect ‘us’ and ‘them’ all together.

At no point were we not aware that we were in #London but at no point were not aware that we were in #Wales too! The London Welsh Centre provides a hub of activities that facilitate the development of individuals, children, adults and groups that ensure Welsh Culture is celebrated and shines proud and ensures the beauty that makes Wales Wales is “felt” and not just implied or suggested.

As an Artist taking part in the #ContemporaryWelshArtExhibition2020 I was welcomed with open “Welsh” arms. The organisers just wanted to show off our work as #Artists in Wales using painting as a language of discovery. The London Welsh Centre Staff ensured we were able to share our creative visions with as many of their members as possible and genuinely celebrate creativity, environment and culture in Wales to ensure all those who are no longer living in Wales can connect with the landscape and culture they grew up within .

The conversations that our Art encouraged gave a valuable insight in to the lives of others and an appreciation of the changes that inevitably occur over time but nonetheless need to be considered, remembered and included in contemporary life and any plans for the future of Wales.

Thank you to everyone that shared memories and inspired me to explore new areas in Wales and for helping me to extract new meanings and encouraged new understanding for me of my own development as an artist. The questions about the process, the subjects and intent of my own work left me in no doubt as to why I do what I do.

This weekend further illustrated that Art, Geography, Culture and Well-being are the essential factors that hold people together and give added value to our lives. The energy that I strive to impart in my work was fully acknowledged and appreciated as too was my passion for nature’s processes and the passing of Time. When we were filmed by Wales in London and asked about our work it was lovely hearing myself and other artists self consciously express the language and vocabulary of our paintings.

Thank you everyone who I met this weekend at the centre and as we travelled around London. Thank you to the homeless guy on the train who reminded us why we give because we can and should ignore the looks on onlookers faces thinking we are doing something wrong! Thank you also to the gentleman whom we met at the pub. He shared his ambitions as a Physicist whilst recovering from addiction. Everything about the weekend was a reminder that it is simply People that make our lives so interesting and People who have the ability to make a difference to the lives of others. The richness is in the communicating.

Francine Davies Art, The London Welsh Centre, Contemporary Welsh Art ExhibitionFrancine Davies Art, The London Welsh Centre, Contemporary Welsh Art ExhibitionFrancine Davies Art, The London Welsh Centre, Contemporary Welsh Art ExhibitionFrancine Davies Art, The London Welsh Centre, Contemporary Welsh Art Exhibition

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