The Hermit Crab

The Hermit Crab

 The Hermit Crab by Francine Davies Art, Daily Blog and Sketchbooks, Acrylic Ink Sketch


The  Sea was right out when I swam today and as I walked back to my Dryrobe, woolly hat and wellies ( I know how to power dress for the beach!) I saw for the first time in a long time a shell moving in front of me. I picked up the conical seashell and saw the little legs of the crab nside. I had completely forgotten that the Hermit Crab resented like this

. I always thought they were big shells. I have gone on Beach talks and Coastal walks over the years but my memory had failed me and I am thrilled it did because it was such a lovely surprise to feel like I had discovered something for the first time.

I worry about #memory all the time and always try and relate my poor memory to the stage in the life-cycle I am at and the result of all the things I have to remember for the #family. It has always felt like a problem I need to improve but today for the first time I was so grateful for this lapse of memory and possibly accessed my inner child again. I felt I had seen something miraculous, wonderous.

Let’s face it a crab with all those legs inside a tiny weeny shell walking up the beach! Just for a split second I felt that magical wonder only to quickly lose it to rational thought and retrieved memory.

This made me think a little about how lovely it is to encourage new experiences in our lives. As we age we fill our minds with so much knowledge, facts, figures etc. I hate the thought that we could become numb to the wonderousness of Nature and those fascinating details that can often go unnoticed. How could we not want to feel the electric of excitement when we witness the thrills of the Natural world.

The David Attenborough programs are so popular among all age cohorts and I hope this is a sign of our preoccupation with discovering more fascinating facts about the natural world. However, I hope even more that the medium used (i.e. the TV) does not discourage us to get outside more and see many of the fascinating things that his programs show occurring closer to home with more localised species. We just need to search them out and activate all our #senses to begin to notice what is right in front of us.

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The Hermit Crab by Francine Davies Art, Daily Blog and Sketchbooks, Black Acrylic Ink Sketch


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