The Ogs and The Ogres of Ogmore by Sea

The Ogs and The Ogres of Ogmore by Sea

Audio-The Ogs and The Ogres of Ogmore by SeaFrancine Davies
Ogmore by Sea, along the Heritage Coastline, Vale of Glamorgan is my Creative Place. Time spent in this beautiful, coastal environment has inspired in me many creative responses.

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Date: 22 April 2021

One such response is The Ogs. The Ogs were born out of a need to bring new life to worn out clothes and preloved fabrics. They feel like a gift that came one day and never left. They have helped me develop a more sustainable approach to life and for that I am very grateful. This Flipbook story and the accompanying audio soundtrack takes you on an imaginative journey to an inspiring spot known locally as The Deeps.

Rugged, fractured rocks and wild stormy weather give rise to interesting, sensory experiences as you stroll along this part of the coastal path. Due to coastal erosion the sea creates fissures, fractures and caves in the cliff face. The sound of the sea can be heard in the sunken blow holes that have arisen further in land. The Ogs take us on an imaginative, exploratory journey as they once again help us place ourselves in nature.

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