The Art of……..

The Art of……..

                        🥰The Art Of ……… (being)🥰

There is so much Art involved in all our lives and we hardly even notice it. Let’s explore the artistic process together!



The art of walking one step at a time:


Whether walking through our thoughts or our day the first step is the only one that matters. Make every step a first step. The distance covered won’t be measured but the step itself will always be rewarded.



The art of talking and articulating one word or thought at a time:


Too many words sit idle in a dictionary yet each one had to fight for its place in it. Feel the power of your words to uplift, inspire affect positive change in our world. We often use so many words and yet never say what we mean and say so little. Words can be soft, hard, beautiful, ugly, empowering, belittling yet rarely moderated but freely available. Let’s celebrate words that we love and that bring us the most positive experiences.


The art of being silent and withholding:


Never be afraid to let inner conversations drift away on the breeze. Empty our minds, turn a page over in our mental autobiography. You can decide where a new chapter starts and where a story ends and a new story begins. Don’t feel beholden to the stories of our past. You are your own future. Every new moon is a new world in the making.



The art of looking and watching in any given space and moment in time:


To be able to ‘SEE’ is a gift but ‘VISION’ is so easily impaired by thoughts and distractions. Sit with yourself like you would a friend in need. Help yourself to connect with your immediate or imagined environment. Help your eyes ‘see’ by activating complimentary and readily available sensory receptors such as touch, sound, taste, smell and gut feeling. Notice new things and take a moment to be with yourself. Describe the moment to yourself.




The art of connecting and feeling:


Never feel alone as nature is always there and a generous listener. Make your environment your best friend. It will hold you, it will listen, it will talk and respond but you won’t necessarily hear it until you are ready to receive it. Be patient with yourself. Let feelings sit with you not weighted down on you. Keep a space next to you just for feelings. Connect with feelings on your own terms. Powerful ones can be calmed with deep breaths, irritating and persistent ones can be told to wait until you are ready. Beautiful ones can be called on and held tight.


The art of acting on and responding to opportunities:


To simply try to achieve something represents success. Sometimes we create barriers in our mind and environment but there’s usually a way through it, or over it, or under it or around it. Some things don’t actually need to be done but we do them out of habit. Take a breath and if no one benefits take a break see where it takes you. We are in control and we can always adapt. Give yourself and your mind space. Choose words to describe the outcome you desire.



The art of acknowledging, accepting and responding to all that goes on around us:

This can get challenging as our awareness of the world around and the issues affecting our lives has intensified with social media. When overwhelmed or underwhelmed by current affairs take a breath and remember how much agency you have in your life. The choices we make from the food we eat to the clothes we buy and the stories we listen to are all ours to make. No grand gestures are required just a willingness to give yourself time to understand yourself and discover what you stand for. There are no rights or wrongs that cannot evolve further to embrace and lead to positive change to the world around us. Understanding of ourselves- our motivations and actions allows us to reflect. We are all vital individuals with a capacity to make a positive difference. Take time to explore who you are in your own words. Never underestimate the smallest of qualities that you are proud of. Don’t measure against others. It is hard to affect positive change at a global level but we are all fundamental in bringing about positive change in ourselves and that has the potential to impact on the world around us. Never underestimate the potential of your contribution.



The art of holding and waiting and being comfortable with TIME gently passing:


Time will always pass irrespective of our actions. Time flies when we make little space for breathing, watching, accepting and connecting with the moment. Listen occasionally to the sound of a clock ticking and feel the intensity of each second as it passes. The clock represents intense order and control but imagine a world without ticking clocks that requires you to notice the daylight fading and the tides turning or the sun rising or your tummy grumbling and remind yourself that it will be ok if time stops every now and again. A concept such as time is helpful as a backdrop to our lives but dominant theories on how to manage it are not perfect solutions. They can be limiting and require us to apply self-care packages of our own to ensure we function as human beings and not as machines.



The Art of Breathing:


Have you felt the impact of a Single Breath has on our entire being?
Such a fundamental part of our existence centres around breathing yet we are rarely breathing affectively. Often, unbeknown to us we have held our breath as we anticipate, prepare for, react to or respond to events or activities that form part of our everyday life. Even as we type on a computer or answer a phone call or watch the TV we can be holding our breath. Yet, breathing makes us work! When we breathe, we are feeding and nurturing our entire bodies and maximising our health. Connect with your breathing and your body and feel the agency you have in taking that breath. Every breath in and out that you connect with is maximising your potential as a human being. When our bodies are invited to receive our breath rather than expected to simply react to what’s on offer it can be very powerful. We all like routine and our bodies are no different. It calms us and allows us to function efficiently. You only have to lose your breath through illness to learn, feel and respect the process. Good breathing could change how you feel about everything. It creates space, it is free and it’s easily accessible.



The art of imagining and wondering calmly about all the possibilities and opportunities:


Remember you have a lifetime! Remove any measures and time scales and welcome in the present moment. Take away the pressure of explaining your choices. Get to know yourself ‘now’ and continue to get to know you in the ‘future’. You will evolve. Don’t expect YOU ‘now’ to know what will work for YOU in the ‘future’. See life as a foundation course helping you explore, investigate, and sieve through and recognise the choices. Be proud of the energy you expend on the process of exploring. The process is the most valuable part of your life.




   The art of stopping and doing nothing and sitting in the moment-i.e. ‘The art of being’:


Just existing in a moment watching time pass in tune to the rhythms of nature rather than industry can help us to reconnect to our place and role in the world. There is such simplicity to our needs. We just need to have reattached our feet to the ground we walk on. When we are connected to our environment however built up it may be we are literally ‘standing’ for something. We stand for the HERE and NOW. It is almost a form of silent PROTEST that requires no policing only respect. When you stand with your feet firmly on the ground think of those others who are being Human and are standing, connecting, breathing and united with you. If you look you will see you are not alone. Each and every one of you are making a considerable difference to the world and bringing about positive change!

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