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The Ogs are a registered Trademark.


Have you ever wondered why moths find your woolly jumpers so tasty?

Or why you can’t throw away a favourite blanket even though it is full of holes?  

Or why some jumpers and blankets look lovely but are too itchy to touch?

It’s almost as if they have a life of their own?


The Ogs are a bespoke collection of sustainably made, fabric characters derived from my imagination. They exist as a direct result of time spent with my children and their peers over the last 15 years.  There are 14 original Ogs and they have been made from pre-loved and often vintage fabrics acquired from charity shops and family and friends. Each Og is unique and the result of old fabric being given a second chance.


Artist, Francine Davies uses The Ogs and their stories to develop creativity among Parents, Children, Young People, Teachers and Students. Using creative textiles and creative writing the workshops encourage participants to promote inclusivity, helping us to celebrate difference and enjoy each other’s perspectives.


Meet The Ogs


The Ogs get published!

The Ogs are now established as an educational tool for students studying to become early years practitioners and can be found in a SAGE publication entitled:

Teaching Early Years Theory and Practice

Edited by Amanda Thomas and Karen McInnes ( 2017) SAGE


If you are interested to find out more about the workshops please contact Francine Davies:



Whilst I did not formally decide to make a community of random characters I also did not sign up to become a storyteller it seems that The Ogs always have their own agenda and i just follow.

They were born out of a throw away attitude that we all witness every week as we fill our refuse bags with plastics and clothes etc. It seems as if our rubbish has started to talk back.

I had accepted i was a creative soul but had never thought about writing creatively.  I now realise I am just the vessel through which The Ogs communicate.

Stories start because something has been drawn to my attention as I go about my daily life.  For example, a piece of wood on the beach will trigger a series of creative thoughts that just niggle away at me until The Ogs make me realise why i need to write about it.

The Og Stories just seem to grow of their own accord and are often helped along by the children and adults who invite them in.  Children ask great questions and The Ogs always have a creative answer.

The Ogs have also found a way of helping when folk are facing uncertainty.   Personalised Poems have been created to assist young people and adults struggling to cope with bereavement, anxiety and exam pressures.

The Ogs try and help folk to take a moment to feel valued and reflect without judgement or advice.



1. Welcome to the world of Ogs

2. The Ogs form a band (early years-5)

3. The mysterious voice in the rocks (ages 4-7)

4. The day a tree trunk fell from the sky (3-5)

5. The new year celebration

6. Everyone wants to be remembered

7. Is there anyone there?

8. Food glorious food

9. The Mermaid of Ogmore by sea

10.The misunderstood Pirate.

Nb. With the exception of those specifically tailored for younger children each of the other stories can be adapted and enjoyed by most ages.


The following unpublished Stories are available to buy:

Welcome to the World of Ogs.
The Ogs form a band.
The mermaid of Ogmore by Sea.

Each of the above have been professionally printed in booklet format.  Click here for a taste of the Ogs in print.



The Ogs by their very nature are unique.  However, that has not stopped me developing a product that can be sold under the trademark Ogs.  I currently make Ogs using the same original principals (i.e. predominantly but not exclusively pre-loved and vintage fabrics) and I sell  them in various craft shops and art galleries.
There are several different ranges that have proved successful.

1. Action Ogs: Snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding Ogs.





2. Og couples for weddings, celebrations, anniversaries.






3. Bespoke caricatures of famous people.

This is Meyrick Sheen, father of Actor Micheal Sheen.  Meyrick is a professional Jack Nicholson impersonator.




Micheal Sheen




HRH Prince Charles.

Prince Charles was presented this when he visited Ewenny Priory in 2013.  My 8 year old daughter sang in the choir and personally handed it to him whereon he said “I shall put in my Shelf!”




Matt Smith as Doctor Who




Rob Brydon




Chris Evans and Alex Jones

Tv Presenters




Dara O’briain





4. Unique quirky characters that provoke nostalgic thought.



5. Og mermaids





Other Merchandise available include:

Og Craft kits

Bespoke Ogs

Storylines and Og finger puppets

Og Designs- Homewares and Accessories



Og Designs

Og Designs are a bespoke selection of Homewares and Accessories made by Francine Davies.

In the true spirit of The Ogs,  Francine transforms pre-loved and often vintage fabrics with sustainably sourced new materials to create unique accessories and homewares.

These include: handbags; scarves; brooches; cushions; blankets; rugs and jewellery.

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